Tejay Sportswear

Bespoke Designs

We are passionate about creating custom-designed socks that meet your unique requirements

Our socks are made from high-quality materials like cotton, Coolmax, polyamide, and polyester.

We offer a range of foot options, including:

  • Standard Foot,
  • Plain,
  • Half Terry,
  • Full Terry.

Our socks are fully elasticated and shaped to ensure maximum comfort and durability.


Designed by our Expert Designers

We understand what can be done when knitting a technical sports sock, sometimes we even make the impossible happen.  We deliver a dose of reality to our beautiful customers concepts, we discuss and review their suggestions and once agreed we move to design. 

Our designers sprinkle on our 30 years+ of hosiery fairy dust and provide a CAD prior to production to finalise your designs so you can see what we will knit.

Complex Designs

We are always watching out for the latest trends and are abreast of knitting technology innovation and as such we can advise with confidence in what can be achieved regarding complex designs.

Micro Mesh Venting​

One for the Players!  Comfort is key.

Venting allows maximum comfort and where possible we design and knit this in without compromising performance or the longevity of the sock as its performs time and time again..


We can offer a wide variety of options, from bespoke labelling to bespoke bags, along with an environmentally friendly wrapped around card.

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