Revolutionize Your Game with ProVent Sport Socks

ProVent Sport Socks Elevate Your Performance

At Tejay Sportswear, we continuously strive to innovate and enhance athletic performance. Our latest creation, the ProVent Sport Socks, is designed to provide maximum comfort and support for athletes at all levels.


Advanced Ventilation Technology

Our innovative design includes customisable ventilation patterns that reduce calf muscle pressure, improving airflow and enhancing performance.

Customisable Designs

Tailor the ventilation patterns and colours to complement your team’s branding and aesthetic, ensuring both functionality and style.


Available in both socks and sock legs for bespoke designs.


No text down the back of the vented area, but a logo or text to the front is applicable.


Hoops are allowed/multiple colours.

Key Features of ProVent Sport Socks:

Customisable ventilation patterns

Available in various colours


Moisture-wicking Coolmax® option

Suitable for both professional and amateur athletes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ProVent Sport Socks different from other sports socks?

ProVent Sport Socks feature advanced ventilation technology that reduces calf muscle pressure and improves airflow. This innovative design ensures enhanced performance and comfort, making them stand out from traditional sports socks.

Can I customise the design of the ProVent Sport Socks?

Yes, ProVent Sport Socks can be fully customised to match your team’s branding. Choose from various ventilation patterns and colours to create a unique and functional design.

Are ProVent Sport Socks suitable for both professional and amateur athletes?

Absolutely. Our socks are designed to meet the needs of athletes at all levels, providing superior comfort and performance for both professional and amateur players.

What materials are used in ProVent Sport Socks?

Our socks are made from durable and eco-friendly materials. We also offer an option to include Coolmax® in the foot for added moisture-wicking properties.

How do ProVent Sport Socks contribute to sustainability?

By maintaining their integrity even after alterations, ProVent Sport Socks reduce the need for frequent replacements, making them a more sustainable choice compared to traditional socks that get damaged when cut.

How can I place an order for ProVent Sport Socks?

To place an order, please contact us through our website. We offer customisation options and are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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