Plain socks

The “Euro” football / rugby / hockey sock as established by Tejay, incorporates a number of features that enhance the wearer’s experience.

Colours available

Amber, Black, Bottle, Emerald, Maroon, Navy, Pink, Purple, Royal, Scarlet, Sky, Tangerine, White, Yellow

Plain Nylon Socks

Available in either 1 x 1 true rib Turnover or 3 x 1 reversible rib turnover. ​

Plain Polyester Socks

Are available in 3 x 1 reversible rib turnover.

Sock content 95% Nylon 5% Elastane

The socks have the following features

  • Elasticated turn over top
    Eliminates the need for tie-ups and can be worn under or over the knee
  • Elasticated ankle support
    Helps support the ankle and hold the shin pad in place
  • A rosso flat toe seam
    ives added comfort
  • Fine Knit
    Enables extra stretch around the calf area
  • Padded Sole
    Gives added comfort
  • Micro Mesh venting
    Gives breathability
  • Elasticated Foot Support
    for a better fit

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